Our real estate background brings a valuable perspective to the development process. Development that matches a defined set of needs (as determined by the market) to distinct goals and objectives (as set out by the owner) is positioned for success.

We can help you position your land for development or sale.
  • market and use feasibility analysis
  • subdivide property
  • zoning & entitlements
  • site development permit
  • determine market value

Projects Include

  • Turtle Creek Market

    6.9-acre tract subdivided into three lots
    Sold one lot and built 2 multi-use retail buildings totaling 22,500 square feet.
  • Parmer Dessau Joint Venture

    7-acre tract divided into four legal lots and sold the lots to end users
  • Dessau 21

    21-acre tract zoned and subdivided into two legal lots
    One 15-acre lot sold to an apartment developer who built a 246 unit apartment project on the land
  • Dittmar Market

    2.4-acre tract of land entitled for an 8,800 square foot retail center